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  2. Won’t the front end feel super floppy with it so far away?
No. Wheel flop is proportional to the load on the front wheel, the length of the frame lead aka the trail measurement, and the head tube angle. With more load on the front, more trail, and a slacker head tube angle, a bike will experience more wheel flop. Your hand lead is like your trail measurement but for your hands. In this same way, a longer hand lead and more load on the hands increases wheel flop. When your hand lead is longer than your frame lead, any additional load on the hands further amplifies your frames existent wheel flop. With the RR stem you have a much shorter hand lead that is even shorter than your frame lead, your hands are much closer to the tires contact patch, and you can easily get into a position with no load on your hands. Due to these, you get a much calmer and more direct steering feel with greatly reduced wheel flop, and a better feel for what the front tire is doing. Even when you do put load on your hands, you are met with a much more neutral feeling at the bars.

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