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  2. Won’t my front wheel be lifting all the time on a steep climb though?
No. With a traditional low and forward stem, you are pulling up more than back with extended arms because you can’t pull back without the front increasing its wandering. This can actually make the front more prone to lifting until you get so low that you are basically falling forward onto your arms. Doing so would have your arms about locked and your hands weighted. This makes the front more resistant to easily rolling over obstacles, and can make your rear wheel more prone to slipping due to the decreased weight on it. With an RR stem you climb with higher hands and relaxed bent elbows. This position means that you pull the bars back towards you more than up on steep climbs. This keeps you from sliding back on your seat without lifting the front wheel when you are pedaling hard, while also keeping the front wheel from wandering, and letting it roll over trail obstacles with ease.

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