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The RR stem mounts to a standard 1 1/8” steerer tube with a 50 mm steerer tube clamp height. Due to the increased clamp height relative to most traditional stems, you may need to remove one steerer tube spacer during installation. The RR stem is designed to accept spacers both above and below the steerer tube clamp to fine tune the height. Cockpit cables and hoses, such as your rear brake hose and shifter cables, that initially appear short can sometimes be alternatively routed behind the stem for a better fit. To ensure that your front brake is long enough, remove the front brake lever from your handlebars, and hold it up in line with your headtube. Measure a minimum of 6” starting from the top of your bikes head tube and going to the end of the exposed brake hose extending out from the lever. It is possible that it can be a bit shorter depending on your bar width, rise, and role, but it is more of a gamble below that length.

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