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The RR stems Reversed offset gives the rider a hand to front axle position that parallels an around 58° head tube angle. This greatly reduces your endo angle so that you are less likely to go over the bars, and allows you to charge harder knowing and feeling how your front wheel will roll over large obstacles with greater ease. The RR stems Raised position puts your arms at a better angle to the bars so that if you get sent forward, you are in a position to brace yourself against the bars instead of getting flung over the bars. The combination of both the Raised height and the Reversed offset greatly reduces your ability to go over the bars, and allows you to get into a more rearward position so that you can brake harder and feel calm and controlled when charging down steep terrain. The reduced hand lead of the RR stem also makes it so that there is a less pronounced, but still existent, self-centering force at the bars when using the brakes compared to a traditional forward stem. This means that changing direction when braking hard becomes much easier and you won’t feel like you’re stuck going straight.

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