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  2. The RR stem surely must shorten your effective reach, do I need a bigger frame?
No. The RR stems Raised height pairs perfectly with the closer hand position from the Reversed offset so that you don’t need to upsize your bike. Typically to have a good angle of your arms to the bars and enough bend at the elbows for moving around in good form, you’re hinged forward at the hips such that your back is fairly horizontal. With the more upright position of the RR stem, you don’t need to account for as much horizontal torso length in the cockpit. Also, the total distance between your feet and hands increases for a roomier feel. I’m 5’8” and I’ve tested the RR stem on bikes with reaches from 405mm to 500mm, and I am always faster and in more control with an RR stem. I find about 460mm - 470mm is a good sweet spot for me.

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