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  2. Ok, so it’s better descending. What about climbing?
The RR stem is also better climbing. When pedaling hard in the saddle on a steep climb, you often leverage your body forward by pulling the bars back towards you. With a traditional stem that arcs towards you when you turn the bars, that force between your seat and bars tries to pull and turn the bars. This leads to a wandering front end that can feel torquey and floppy. You can compensate for this some by either pulling up more than back, or moving the bars lower so that you are effectively falling forward onto them. This can lead to other issues such as your lower back starting to hurt from hunching over, your arms straightening out and giving you less range of motion to maneuver and balance, and reducing weight on the rear wheel that needs traction. With the RR stems Raised height, you are in a more comfortable upright position with relaxed arms at a good bend, and an open chest for easy breathing. The Reversed offset makes the stem arc away from you so that your bars pull straight. This reduces the wandering and floppy steering of a traditional stem so that you can direct the bike around where you want to go.

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