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  2. Isn’t a Reversed offset stem fundamentally unstable?
No. Practically all if not actually all motorcycles put your hands ultimately behind the steering axis. There is a misconception in the world of bikes that your hands being behind the steering axis will mean that a forward push or weight shift on the bars will be a destabilizing force that tries to turn your bars, and so you need your hands to be in front of the steering axis so that they will push straight. The problem with that idea is that you don’t turn your bars about the steering axis because the steering axis is just a floating point in space. Your bars are turned about the contact patch of the front tire on the ground. It is from this point that your hands are extending forward along the steering axis plane and leading the front tire. I call this horizontal distance your hand lead, and the same measurement can be made to the frames steering axis for your frame lead aka your trail measurement. So long as your hands are in front of the contact patch of the tire along the steering plane, you will have a self centering force leading the wheel forward when pushed straight.

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